Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cosmopolitan Closets Customizing: Reupholster It!

Hello everyone!  Hope that your June is off to a good start!  Given that its spring/summer, naturally I am working on DIYs a-plenty and I have been meaning to post about this one for awhile.  My bf has an ottoman that has seen better days, let me tell you lol.  However, I thought to myself that it can definitely be revived with a new cushion and some fabric. 
Since the original ottoman was faux leather, I decided to use similar fabric in a different color to give it a slightly newer look.  I decided against other upholstery fabric because I have a cat (Mr. Big has debuted plenty of times on this blog and my IG page lol) and he tends to scratch or make a mess on rugs and I prefer something that I can clean easily.  Also, some of that upholstery fabric is very expensive! 

Any who, check out my before and after pics below and as always, let me know what you think!  Also, has anyone tackled any cool DIYs recently and wants to share? 

Here is the old ottoman, tattered and ripped.

As you can see, the faux leather cracked and the cushion is worn down.

So I get the bright idea to reupholster it!  I immediately go to Jo-Ann's Fabric and purchase this regular density foam by Airtex for $7.99.  Sold!

Also, I selected this gorgeous vinyl that was on clearance for $9.99/yd.  I purchased 1 yd. just to be safe.  Jo-Ann's had beautiful reupholster fabric and faux leather, but the price per yard was too expensive for this DIY.

So I easily remove the old faux leather and worn foam to reveal a wooden slab that serves as the base for the cushion.  That's when I realized, the foam I purchased was to small.  Ugh! 
Tip 1:  Measure first, shop second!  So a quick trip back to
Jo-Ann's for a custom cut piece of high density foam and I was good to go or so I thought!

Here is the reupholstered ottoman!  With the right size foam, a staple gun, the vinyl fabric and a little patience, it all worked out!

It's Mr. Big approved! 🐱


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