Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cosmopolitan Closets Product Review: OXO Good Grips Greensaver Herb Keeper

Hi Everyone!  Happy Saturday!  Is it me or is this weather in the Northeast so confusing?  I can't figure out if its spring, winter or both.  LOL!  Anyway, this review has been a long time coming.  I haven't stayed on a regular blogging schedule because I am in the process of planning a wedding and between that, meal prepping, working out and working, I just haven't had the energy.  Nonetheless, I will try to post at least 1-2x's per month because even if I don't post, I am still organizing!

So today's product review is on the OXO good grips greensaver herb keeper that I cam across last year during one of my Container Store ventures.  Now, I was drawn to this container not because I wanted to review it, but because I try to cook a lot, which means (for me at least) that I buy a ton of fresh herbs and what I hate the most is that they wilt before I even get a chance to use them.  So this jumped out to me when I was in the Container Store and I decided to give it a try!

Check out my thoughts below and let me know if you have tried one of these as well and if so, what did you like or not like about it?  Have you found better alternatives?  Comment below, like on social media and please follow the blog for updates!  And as always, thanks for reading.  XO, Maya

This is the OXO 1.8 QT herb keeper.  I found this at the Container Store, but you can find it here for $11.99.  It comes in 3 sizes and this is the smallest one.  If you don't buy a ton of herbs this one is perfect, but if you are like me, you might want the bigger one that you can find here for $14.99.

Very easy to use!  You take this green basket out and place the herbs inside, fill the bottom with a bit of water and place the green basket back inside.  This really helped to stretch the life of my herbs by about 1.5 weeks.  I definitely recommend it.
I have freshly washed parsley in here that we will use for cooking and juicing.  Even though its popping out of the top, it still fits and this is a full bunch!  My suggestion is if you use fresh herbs, this is a good container to have.  Its inexpensive, slim (doesn't take up too much space), easy to use and clean and keeps the herbs a little longer than normal. 

As you can see the lid still fit and the slotted baskets allows for air to circulate as well as water to help preserve herbs.  So far so good.  This is an inexpensive way to keep herbs longer - that way you don't spend a ton on them and end up having to throw them away a few days later.

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