Monday, October 26, 2015

Workspace Chic

Happy Monday everyone!  Can you believe its almost Halloween and its almost November?  Why does this time of year fly by so quickly?  Hopefully, you are enjoying the fall season and looking forward to the winter (that's if you're like me and actually like the snow lol). 

Recently, I started a new job, same company, but new team and new location.  I am super excited and very thankful that this opportunity worked out and I decided that I wanted to bring a new attitude and a new energy to work and to my space.  Since we have plain cubicles, I wanted to spruce it up and make it unique. Plus, we normally have those standard black, mesh desk organizers and if you're anything like me and hoard office supplies (I can't help it, I love them), then you definitely need something to put them in. 

I went through a bunch of websites and pinterest boards and decided that I would look for some acrylic options to create a chic and simply organized space.  If you haven't noticed (in case you missed it, you can find the posts here and here), I have an undying love for  acrylic or Lucite organizers.  So why not use them at work as well?!  I found mine on Amazon by US Acrylic (here's their website) and will link the options I bought below.  Let me know what you think and share pics of your office setup as well!  Also, don't forget to check me out on Pinterest and on Instagram for the latest organizing, décor and DIY tips!

Here is what I ordered from Amazon:
US Acrylic Clear Desktop Organizer
US Acrylic Clear Hanging File Organizer
Unfortunately, the box is unavailable, but check out this one!

BEFORE: With the black mesh organizer, ugh, lol

AFTER: Two of my new acrylic organizers for supplies, plus my little plant :)

Then I found this awesome hanging file box.  So much better than stuffing them in a drawer. Also, the box is small enough to put in a drawer and lock up if you need to.

My plant went to hangout in the sun, but normally its here :)

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