Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cosmopolitan Closets Customizing: Thee Perfect Plant Pot

Its no secret that I love plants and flowers and if you follow me on Instagram (@cosmopolitanclosets) you will see tons of posts on my flower arrangements and succulents!  One thing I love doing is customizing ceramic pots to compliment my decor.  Its super easy and affordable and all you need is the following:
1. Plant    2. Clay Pot   3. Paint  4. Brush  5. Tape

I typically buy the clay pots that I find at Home Depot (which you can find here), but they also sell them at Lowes, Walmart and most Florists.  Once I have the pot in the size I want, I pick out a color.  Instead of buying tons of paint, I buy samples of the colors I like, in any finish.  The one pictured below is Behr paint in Caribbean Current.  I absolutely love this color and it goes perfectly with my living room decor!  I usually do 3 coats; a primer, the color and a sealer/gloss.  I normally let the color dry for a few hours before I paint the gloss over it and then I let it dry overnight.  Once its all dry, I add my dirt and my plant and I'm done!  Its so simple. (If you want to do a design, just use tape as the guide.)

Check out the pics below and let me know what you think!  Have you ever customized a plant pot?

Here is my beautiful pot! Painted in Caribbean Current with a Golden Pothos inside.  These plants are easy to grow, require minimal sun and water and have vines that grow for miles!  

Norcal Pottery 12 in. Terra Cotta Clay Pot
A simple clay pot that I found at Home Depot, they come in an array of sizes too.

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