Friday, February 13, 2015

NYFW Inspired Organizing Series - Day 1, Shoes Shoes Shoes

Hi Everyone!  Happy Thursday!  As you know, the annual New York Fashion Week kicked off today in NYC and if you follow me on Instagram (@cosmopolitanclosets) you know that I felt inspired to post a series of tips about organizing your wardrobe.  I mean, whats a fabulous wardrobe for if you can't find anything lol.
Since fashion week highlights all the new looks for the coming season and inspires us all to take our style in different directions, why not at least figure out what you have and what fits before you make a mad dash to the store to get in on the latest trend!  Each day I will highlight a key wardrobe category that can be easily organized.  Hope you find some inspiration here and as always, feel free to leave a comment!

Day 1:  Shoes, shoes shoes
Ok, we all love shoes.  Fine.  Finding them, however, can be another story.  Check out some easy ways to organize shoes in the pics below.  Let me know what you think!
Here is a pic I found on Pinterest!  I love how this is a simple cabinet, that was turned into shoe storage.  If you have the room for a cabinet like this, why not make the shoes the focal point?  Here are some links for similar cabinets.
1. Here is a cabinet on Overstock, perfect if you have less space and want to store a few pairs of pumps.
2. Here is another Overstock cabinet, larger than the first if you have the space.
3. Here is a nice cabinet from Ikea.

Shoe boxes are another option for storing shoes. I love these clear boxes, you can find a good selection at the Container Store.

 Shoe racks are a great way to organize as well :-)

You can never go wrong with shore storage ottomans. I love this Target one, such a great price. 

Given my limited space, here is a pic of how I organize some of my shoes :-)


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