Saturday, February 14, 2015

NYFW Inspired Organizing Series - Day 2, All those Unmentionables

So let's just get right into it, lol. We all have them, piles of them, panties and bras, socks and tights. Often times, however, they take up a lot of space and get bunched in between the dresser drawers or left discarded in some random laundry bin. Well, below are some easy solutions to implement to keep them organized, easy to find and ready so that you can look effortlessly flawless in your stylish clothes!  Happy organizing ladies and stay tuned for the rest of the series!

These dividers are perfect for organizing your bras and panties. Check out these twill drawer dividers at The Container Store.

Found this pic (and the one above) on Pinterest, just a great way to organize. 

And here is my solution lol.  Just a good old fashioned plastic drawer set placed in the closet. I have tights and socks in drawer 1, sports bras and workout tops in drawer 2 and pjs and spanx-like items in drawer 3. 

Here is a DIY pic I found online in case you don't like that clear plastic look and a link to find them on Target's website. 


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