Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Display Cases and Other Fun Things!

Yesterday I blogged about  how to organize your accessories and remembered that I forgot to mention some other cool ways to organize!  As of late, I have been seeing display cases all over the place, in different designs and colors!  I wasn't really sure what they could be used for, but figured the $19.99 wasn't too high of a price to pay. So I brought it home and realized that it is a great addition to my room and decided to use it to hang necklaces and earrings. Recently, I decided that I am going to paint it to match my room decor and found some great craft paint at Home Depot.

Check out the link and the pics below!  I also have a traditional jewelry box and found some other cute jewelry stands, all from Marshalls!  I will post an updated pic once the display case is painted and hung!

Martha Stewart Craft Paint


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