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Cosmopolitan Closets Product Review: The Pier 1 Hayworth Lingerie Chest

Hi Everyone!  Happy Monday!  Hope that you are enjoying these last week’s of summer, I know I am!  It’s around this time of the year, that I take an inventory of what I’ve worn this season and gather things to donate and give away to friends. If you aren’t aware, I share organizing wisdom on Wednesdays on my IG account (you can follow if you aren’t already, you can find me @cosmopolitanclosets) and I recently shared this idea a couple Wednesdays back. Ok, so what does any of this have to do with this blog post right?  Keep reading to find out!
 Well, as I assess what I should keep, I also reassess how I have it organized (although I do this constantly). One of things I consider is the type of furniture, in this case, bedroom furniture I have and determine if its getting the job done. Our bedroom furniture is from the Pier 1 Hayworth collection (something I bought for myself post grad school and pre-dating my husband) and incorporated more pieces into our lives when we moved in together.  I am super happy with the dressers, they are large and hold a lot of clothes, but I was lacking space for my underwear, bras, tights, and shapewear. I played around with a few different ways to organize them but ultimately I decided to try a lingerie chest.

I decided to try the chest that went with the collection and waited for it to go on sale. My husband actually ended up picking up a floor model for me in Staten Island because it sold out in our area. Anyway, based in it being a floor model, we got an extra percentage off!

If you are in need of storage space for undergarments, then a lingerie chest may be a good option for you. I also think they can be used to store cold winter accessories like hats and gloves and during the summer, swimsuits and bikinis. Remember, the drawers can be pretty shallow in terms of depth so even though they are long, they aren’t deep. This particular lingerie chest has long, but shallow drawers. You also want to make sure you find one that is well made and that really goes for any furniture. I knew the quality of the drawer construction since I have other pieces from this set. Therefore, I am pleased with the quality versus the cost and it’s pretty and functional.

Check put my pics below and let me know if you have a lingerie chest and what you store in it.  As always, thanks for reading!

Here’s the lingerie chest tucked neatly between our two dressers.
Tip 1 - shop around and purchase near holidays for the best price. I knew I wanted the chest that matched our set but furniture is so much fun, look for accents in other colors to add some interest to your space. 
Tip 2 - measure!  I cannot stress this enough. Measure everything prior to purchasing to avoid mistakes and having to return. This concept seems pretty simple but so many people eyeball space and it just isn’t fool proof. 
Here is another view of the lingerie chest. It fit neatly underneath my hanging mirrored armoire with enough space to place our fragrance tray on top. 
Tip 3 -file fold everything!  The drawers in this chest are deep but shallow in depth so folding everything helps ensure that it fits properly when the drawers are closed.  These two drawers are organized with tank tops on the left and shape wear shorts on the right. 

The left drawer has panties (yes I fold my panties) and the right drawer has more tank tops. The other 3 drawers(not pictured)  have more panties, shapewear and belts/ties. As the seasons change, I will swap out my shapewear for tights, stockings and socks. 

This was  our first bedroom setup in 2014. A lot has changed since then!


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