Saturday, August 31, 2019

Cosmopolitan Closets Product Review: The Tank Top Hanger

Happy Saturday!  Another weekend is upon us - thank goodness!  I love long summer weekends - they are the best but I cannot believe this one is Labor Day weekend.  Any who - I have been trying in a few different closet organizers - the main category being different hangers. If you missed my posts on other special hangers, you can find them here and here.
When you have a small closet, you seriously have to male the most of it!  I’ve tried to maximize the space I have through the use of special hangers paired with slim hangers.  I came across this tanktop hanger in Walmart - it was inexpensive and I figured I would give it a try.  Also, I have limited drawer space, so the idea of freeing up a drawer and only taking up a small amount of closet space excited me.

Outside of tank tops, I think this hanger could be good for bras, swimsuits, bodysuits, belts, necklaces and scarves. I will share some pics of those ideas later on. For now check out my pics below and as always, make sure you are following me on social media, I post a ton of ideas on Pinterest and sign up to follow w my blog too, I promise not to spam you!

This is it - pretty simple idea and very inexpensive.  It has room for 8 individual pieces but you can add more. See my pics below. 

Here is one set of tank tops ( all of them from Target and Old Navy that I wear year round). The hanger takes up little room in the closet but frees up a ton of drawer space. 

Here is my second hanger that has more than 8 tank tops hung. File this hanger under “closet must have”!

Coming up product review of the Pier 1 Hayworth Lingerie Chest and thoughts on if you should invest in one.


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