Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Cosmopolitan Closets Product Review: Baggu Weekender

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Now that summer is in full swing, I am so down for road trips and weekend fun.  This week, I am in my hometown of Buffalo, NY visiting my family and celebrating my mom’s birthday!  I love Buffalo during the summer, its warm, the days are long and it has a peaceful quietness that I appreciate being that I live in noisy and busy Jersey City!

Any-who, I have been in the market for a few new weekend bags because I normally don’t take my luggage on quick trips.  If you missed my post about my Calpak luggage, you can find it here and if  you missed my #organizing travel post, you can find it here.  When I do quick trips, I like to use weekender bags, they normally hold a lot, they are soft and fit into odd spaces in trunks and backseats and can be used for the beach or the boardwalk!

I came across this brand Baggu on one of my fave websites, Lou and Grey, and I ordered a small toiletry bag. From there, I checked out their website and selected a few of their bags and used it for the first time this week.

Here are my thoughts:
-The bags are well constructed, the material is thick and durable and the stripes come in such beautiful colors.
-The totes have double zippers, making it easy to pack them up and zip them close.  This is necessary if you are an overpacker like me.
-The totes have a little snap-off pouch that is great for storing keys, cards and your phone. I love this feature especially if I am using the bags at the beach or pool.
-I love the length of the straps.  What I often find is that straps on bags are either too short or too long, these are just perfect for me.

I purchased 3 bags from Baggu - the weekend bag and duck bag in cornflower blue and the canvas zip tote in palm stripe. I also purchased a go pouch set that comes with 3 different size nylon bags.  I love using toiletry bags that you can wash and wipe clean!
Here is the weekend bag- I added this cute tassel I bought in Morocco. 

I love how thick and sturdy the canvas is and I love the double zippers with pulls. Makes stuffing and packing multiple outfits a cinch!

This bag comes with a snap off pouch inside. It’s a great addition for keeping things organized. 

This is the duck bag. It snaps shut and has an adjustable strap plus handles to carry. I think I may use this bag for Pilates - it’s the perfect size for everyday use. 

This is the canvas zip tote. Here’s why I ordered it - sometimes I am going somewhere overnight and just need a smaller tote to throw things in order I am doing a spa day and need a nice bag for my swimsuit  and sandals. This bag has two shoulder straps that make it easy to carry. 

This tote also features a snap off pouch that can fit an iPhone and lipgloss and other small items. 

This is the Go Pouch Set in pastel stripe. Great for packing toiletries for a weekend away. 

This is the original Baggu Dopp Kit that I came across and snagged from Lou & Grey. It’s a perfect size for packing what you need and is made from machine washable nylon. 


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