Saturday, May 25, 2019

Summer Accessories - All About Earrings

Happy Saturday everyone!  Can you believe its Memorial Day weekend already?  I swear this year is flying by, but honestly I am ready for the warmer weather.  So with the change in seasons comes the change in wardrobe, obviously, lol which for me really means change in accessories.  One of my favorite things to wear are earrings, they come in so many fun styles and colors and can be fairly inexpensive way to try out the latest trends.
Check out my pics and recommendations below and let me know what you think.  I love seeing how different people accessorize their looks so tag me on Instagram using #cosmopolitanclosetsaccessories so I can see how you style yourself for the summer.  As always, thanks for reading and please follow along if you aren't already!

Top Five Stores for (where I buy) Statement Earrings:
•J Crew 
•J Crew Factory
•Aldo Accessories
•Baublebar (and Sugarfix @Target) 
**Runner Up - TJ Maxx**

Tips Before You Buy:
*look for coupons - I almost never pay full price
*check the return policy for earrings- sometimes they are final sale
*look at what styles I really like via IG & Pinterest

Me!  At work with two of my fave double stud earrings. They paired so nice with these floral embellished sweaters, the pink one from Ted Baker and the tan one from J Crew. 

I love all these colors and styles!  I have collected them from all over, so keep scrolling for details to shop.

Let’s get started!  I love mixed pattern/metal earrings, especially in black and white (or ivory).  The ones on the right are from Asos, the two in the middle were purchased in Marrakech and the pair on the left came from @sunshineandstillettos boutique @bellandbloom

Gemstones - I love this style - filled with color and give any outfit a pop. 
The pair on the left and right are from J Crew and the pair in the middle are from Sugarfix 

Resin Earrings - all four pair are from Asos. I love the metal and resin blend and I think they go well with monochromatic outfits. 

Tassel Earrings - how can you not love tassel Earrings?  The first two pairs on the left are from J Crew Factory, the middle pair I bought in Marrakech, the white and rose gold pair are from J Crew and the pair on the far right are Sugarfix.

Double studs- My absolute favorite. So much so, I think I have over 30 pairs. I think this trend came and went fast, but I really love them. They add such a small pop of style to any look.  Plus they are lightweight and come in so many different variations. I bought all four pairs of these in Marrakech. Check a place like, they still have them. 

Chandelier Earrings- all four pairs are from J Crew Factory and I have them in at least eight colors.  I love how the make a small statement because they are lightweight and bright.  I plan to wear these with denim and maxis all summer!

Beaded Earrings - these are such a throwback to my years in high school but with a twist. The pairs on the right and left are from J Crew Factory and the two in the middle are from J Crew.  


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