Sunday, February 10, 2019

Cosmopolitan Closets Decanting Series - The Kitchen Part Three - Plastic Storage

Happy Sunday everyone!  Welcome back to the third cosmopolitan closets blog series about decanting!  Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  I hate to say it, but I live for the weekend.  I really like being home, hanging out and organizing LOL.  As the third installment to this series, I want to talk about plastic storage in the kitchen!  If you didn't get a chance to see my first two parts in this series, you can find them here and here.  Check my tips below for using plastic storage in the kitchen and as always, thanks for reading!
I prefer using glass storage for most of my food items in the kitchen, however, I have found that storing loose tea is perfect for my plastic containers.  I also found that I like decanting kitchen supplies into plastic containers to store under the sink.  All the containers that are pictured below are from Target and are extremely affordable.  They wash well and they are stackable, but I think they are sold out. Check out my pics below (with an alternative to mine) and let me know what you think!

Kitchen Items for Plastic Storage
1. Loose tea
2. Ground coffee
3.Coffee beans
4. Tea bags
5. Sponges 
6. Brillo pads
7. Cleaning cloths
8. Rubber gloves
9. Magic erasers
10. Dishwasher tabs

**One thing that may seem obvious, but I rather mention it anyway.  If you have kids, please be extremely careful with what and where you store household cleaning products.  We don't have children or pets, so I can store anything anywhere, but that will definitely change if we ever have kids or another pet again (RIP Mr. Big)**

These are from The Container Store and are reasonably priced. You can find them here.

Here is a new set that is available at Target and similar in size to the ones I have with a few more size options. They are also pretty affordable and you can find them here.

I love this Joie tea organizer that I found at TJMaxx for $10, you can find it online here.  Its perfect, helps me recycle the boxes they come and see when I am running low on certain flavors.  

Check out this one here.  

Here are 3 of 6 containers that I use to store loose tea. They are easy to clean and fit neatly inside a metal basket on the shelf. I have them labeled using my label maker. 

I also use these containers under the sink to store household products like rubber gloves, sponges, brillo pads and more. It makes restocking easy because I know what's left based on what I see. I am also able to throw away all the random packaging that the items come in.  Because of their sleek shape, they fit perfectly around the pipes. 

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