Saturday, November 10, 2018

Cosmopolitan Closets Product Review: Traveling In Style

Hi Everyone!  I am going to be releasing posts back to back because, as you can imagine, I have a lot to share!  This post is all about being stylish and organized while traveling and given that we just came back from our honeymoon and wedding weekend about a month ago, there is no better time to share.
So while planning our wedding, I knew that we would be going somewhere afterwards to rest and recharge.  We first had our sights set on a trip abroad, but honestly I just didn't have the energy to spend 24 hours in flight, switching time zones after going through the past few months at warp speed. We ultimately decided on Mexico, since it was close enough and out of the hurricanes path (thank goodness).  So with that, I knew we needed new luggage and I can always use new toiletry bags!

I had been researching Calpak luggage sets and set my sights on a rosegold trio for me and silver/grey trio for him.  I have heard good things about hard-sided luggage and the reviews I read indicated that the luggage was durable.  What I didn't like, however, was the price point!  So I looked periodically in TJMaxx and came across both sets over the spring and summer of this year at much better prices.

Overall, I like the luggage.  I find it to be a good value for the cost.  I found all of our pieces at better prices than what they were listed for on the company's website.  The luggage expands to accommodate a lot of items, it has internal compartments to keep items separate, is lightweight and easy to roll.  One drawback is that it scuffs easily and this could just be because the airlines throw the luggage around.  Otherwise, after one use, I am pleased with it and will update my review as I use it more.

Check out my pics below and let me know if you have any calpak luggage and what you think of it!

Here are 2 out of 3 pieces of the Calpak luggage I purchased.  The smallest one is from their Wandr collection and I found it $69 at TJMaxx!  The medium size one is also from TJMaxx and I got it for $79 and its from their Verdugo collection.  The colors are a match even though they are slightly different styles.  I found these ivory and rosegold 'MRS' luggage tags at TJMaxx this summer and had to have them!

His and Hers or Mr and Mrs!  These are the medium size suitcases that both have 360 spinner wheels and locks.  I found them to be light and durable.  His luggage is part of the Zyon set and  the price was $79.  Not pictured are the large size pieces that we didn't use (both were $99), but will show those next time!

Here are some organizers/toiletry bags I took on our honeymoon.  I love that everything I found this year was rosegold, ivory, grey and blush!
1. 'Bride' vinyl toiletry bag - found at TJMaxx
2. 'Honeymoon Bound' terrycloth bikini bag - found at TJMaxx
3. 'BRIDE' - swimsuit - David's Bridal
4. 'MRS' jewelry case - found at TJMaxx
5. 'Blushing Bride' compact mirror - found at Aldo Accessories

Found these travel laundry bags and shoe bag at TJMaxx, which awere convenient during our trip.  I hate mixing clean and dirty clothes in my suitcase.

'Just Married' and 'Bride' rosegold and ivory toiletry bags are part of the collection I found at TJMaxx too!

I love these passport/travel wallets, so cute!  A pillcase in rosegold for my vitamins came in handy and this 'Bride to Be' little bag was perfect for earrings, earplugs and gum - all from TJMaxx!


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