Saturday, November 10, 2018

A Carefully Curated Gift

Happy Saturday!  This year just keeps moving right along.  I mean, it was just Halloween and now its Veteran's Day weekend!  I plan to relax and rest, organize and cook.  Those are my favorite pastimes these days as the beginning of the year was hectic and my summer flew by.  So speaking of summer, I want to share these gifts that I curated for my family when they took me on a surprise bachelorette trip in August to Miami!

From my bridal shower the second week of August to my bachelorette party in Miami, to our rehearsal dinner and wedding, I literally couldn't be happier.  Every event was amazing, perfectly curated and quintessentially me (and us of course where applicable lol).  As a small token of my appreciation, I wanted to put together a cute, but practical gift that was related to the trip but could also be enjoyed after it was over.

I did a quick search of bachelorette boxes and gifts and found all kinds of things from very naughty items to pretty robes and the typical "bride's squad/team/crew" paraphernalia.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not judging anyone who loves that kind of stuff, I mean some of it so cute and when you have a wedding party of 10+ girls, it probably makes the most sense.  For me, however, I wanted something a bit cuter and bit more personal.

Since our wedding colors were rose gold, grey and ivory, I looked for gift wrap with those colors.  Since I love champagne and everything was a celebration, that was the theme of the gift!  I looked for items that could be enjoyed in Miami like actual Moet champagne and some items for travel like a nail kit and a take home item like the D.W. Home champagne candle.  Check out my pics below and let me know what you think!

Sidebar - gift giving and wrapping is one of my favorite things to do and I plan to share more on here.  I curated a bunch of very special gifts for my family as a thank you for their contributions to our wedding weekend, but unfortunately I didn't take pics of them, the weekend was very busy.  I also thought they were special and personal and maybe didn't need to be shared on social media, but moving forward I will try my best to share.

Here are the gifts all wrapped up.  I found the paper at TJMaxx and the bows and ribbons are from Michaels.  I found the boxes at Michaels too.  Since I had to travel with the gifts to Miami, I could not prewrap them b/c of TSA, so I had to wrap everything individually and assemble them upon arrival.  I decided to prewrap the lids of the boxes only, so that helped!
Here are the contents of the gifts (I used stuffing to nestle the gifts on so that they didn't move)!
1. DW Home Champagne Bubbles candle - found at Homegoods
2. Rose gold nail kit - found at Homegoods
3. Sugarfina X W&P Design Champagne Bears Cocktail Kit - found at Sur La Table
4.  Mini bottle of Moet Champagne - found at Buy Rite Liquor in Jersey City
5. Project 7 Champagne Dreams gourmet gum - found at local Target
6. Rose gold eye mask - found at Homegoods
7. Cynthia Rowley cosmetic bag - found at TJ Maxx 
This little cosmetic bag was perfect!  It was ivory, with blush, grey and rose gold designs.  Inside, there were a few more goodies.
1. Rosegold card case (perfect for carrying cash and hotel/towel cards) - found at Starbucks
2. Vaseline pink bubbly chapstick - found at local Target
3. OPI nail polish - found at Homegoods
4. Pucker up lip mask - found at Homegoods

Cute little rose gold travel nail kit!

Champagne scented candle and champagne flavored gum!

I absolutely love these W&P Design airplane drink kits.  There are so many versions, moscow mules, margaritas, etc.  I found this one on Sur La Table's website and it included the gourmet champagne bears from Sugarfina!  My other idea was to get candy from there, so this included both the candy and edlerflower sweetener to mix with champagne for a nice drink!


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