Sunday, May 20, 2018

Summer Accessories - All About Shoes and Bags Preview

Hey there!  So in an effort to share more of my favorite accessories, plus how I organize them in a #smallspace, I will be doing these accessory posts more often!  Today I am sharing some of my favorite shoes and bags for the summer months, so check them out below and let me know what you think!
So I definitely have a theme going here, can you guess?   Well if you said pink or shades of pink, you would be correct.  Its one of my favorite colors and I tend to gravitate towards it even more in the summer months.  What's funny is that I don't buy accessories with a particular outfit in mind nor do I buy them to match with any other accessory I may own.  I put together my top three tips to buying accessories below, hope they help.  Stay tuned for another post next week on all things sandals and scarves and crossbody bags!

Accessory Shopping Tips
  1. Buy what speaks to you!  If a pair of shoes or a cute bag are a color you love or have a detail you like, buy them!  You can have fun styling them later.  
2. Think of how much you want to spend on accessories before you buy them.  If I want a more expensive bag, I will save up for it for a couple of months and then go out (or online) and look for it.  I don't buy more expensive accessories impulsively.  

3. The trendier the accessory, the less I spend on it.  So if its a pair of metallic pumps like the ones below, I won't break the bank for them.  However, if its a staple shoe like a classic pair of 
black pumps, I will buy a quality pair that are both comfortable and timeless.

I absolutely love the shades of these 4 pairs of shoes.  The lilac suede pumps are from JCrew, the metallic pink pumps are from Macys, the lilac Chuck Taylors are from Nike (also spotted them in Marshalls) and the pink sandals are from Target.  The shades and fabrics spoke to me and are the perfect accessory for any outfit.
I absolutely love all of these bags, a couple are of the moment trends and a couple are a classic style with a twist when it comes to the color.  The top pompom straw bag is from BaubleBar.  The lilac crossbody bucket bag is Kate Spade and I found it at Century 21 for a great price.  The multicolor bamboo bag is a cute twist on all the straw colored ones and is from Asos.  The metallic affair bag is Rebecca Minkoff and I purchased it used on Tradesy because I just love the color!


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