Saturday, May 26, 2018

Cosmopolitan Closets #CleverStorage - All About His and Hers

Hey hey hey!  Happy Beautiful Saturday!  I hope that your Memorial Day Weekend is going well, the weather in NJ/NYC is absolutely gorgeous.  I hope it stays like this.  Anyway, what is everyone up to?  I spent my day off yesterday doing chores and some light organizing so I have today free to roam the earth lol.  Nonetheless, if you plan to do some organizing, I hope this inspires you. 
Since we have limited space and definitely limited storage space in our apartment, I am constantly looking for ways to maximize the space we do have, all while trying to keep it clutter free.  That's where this concept of #cleverstorage comes in.  I have spent the majority of my adult life looking for clever ways to store things because I lived in NYC in small-ish apartments and here is another one of those ideas coming to life.

Check out the pics below!  Also, if you follow me on Instagram I bet you saw my #instastory poll asking how many items are on the door - if you guessed more than 50 you are correct! 

What You Need
1. Over the door towel rack.  I like this one here and here.
2. Hat rack.  This is the one we have and I love it!  They don't fall off.
3. Shower hooks for hanging bags.  Here are some very similar to mine.
4.  There are over the door storage options like this, which is intended for giftwrap but the possibilities are endless.

Here is our door!  There are 67 individual accessories stored on here lol (the majority are mine of course).
1.  Top 2 bars have 4 scarves each.  In the winter I had both of our scarves on there.
2.  Bottom bar is used for hanging my crossbody bag collection.  I used shower curtain hooks to hang them!  I even doubled/tripled some of them on one hook.
3. The sides have build in hooks, the right has my umbrellas and the left has his belts (which you probably can't see).
4.  Most of his hats are stored on the left with the hat rack I linked above.  This one is great because they don't fall off.
5.  I have some skinny belts on a shower hook that is also on the bottom bar.  See pic below.  That's it. simple, inexpensive clever storage complete.

This towel rack has hooks where we hang his belts and I used shower hooks to hang mine.  Up next, I will be posting about accessories again, this time its all about sandals, bags and scarves (you can already see how I have them organized)!


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