Monday, December 18, 2017

Winter Accessories - All About Fabulous Winter Wear

Happy Monday and Happy Holidays everyone!  I know I say it all the time (to myself at least), but I honestly cannot believe that this year is almost over!   It seems like the older I get, the faster the years go by!  But one season that I love, but don't mind it going by fast is winter.  I mean I am all for the first snow, but by the end of February, I am soooo over it!  In the meantime, however, I like to look stylishly warm and I figured its my duty to share some of my favorite cute and inexpensive winter accessories to glam up your look while staying warm! 
So what kind of accessories am I talking about, right?  Well, you know, the typical ones like hats, scarves and gloves of course, BUT, mine are far from typical.  I look for bright (yes I said bright), embellished and patterned accessories that give my bundled up look a little bit of pizzazz especially on the days when the sun doesn't come out. 

Check out the pics and links below for some ideas on how to inexpensively add some style and warmth to your winter wardrobe and comment below with some of your favorite looks!  Stay warm (and cute)! 

Beanies are the first item on my must have winter accessory list.  They are warm and come in some of the cutest styles.  Mine are from:  1. BCBG, 2. Nordstrom,  3. Club Monaco,  4. Zara,  5. Eloquii.

Berets are the second item on my list and are a chic way to keep warm and stylish.  I found mine at: 1. Betsey Johnson (found at Marshalls),  2&3. On a trip to Paris, but I will link some cute ones below, 4. This pearl studded one is from a trip to China, but the store is Accessorize,  5. Macys.

Gloves are the third item on my list and I cannot go a <cold> day without them!  There are so many styles out there, but I prefer the ones that are a little bit glam.  I also have heavy duty ones for when its freezing.  Mine are from:  1. TJMaxx - real leather gloves with faux fur,  2. Zara (bday gift from my friend),  3. Betsey Johnson found at Marshalls, 4&5. Aldo Accessories, 6. TJMaxx again!

Scarves are such a must-have!  I prefer blanket scarves b/c you can wrap them a ton of different ways.  Mine are from: 1. Aldo Accessories,  2. Zara (this scarf ended up everywhere that season),  3.  This silver metallic snood is from Target, 4. Aldo Accessories. 

I found some cute gloves here, love this hat here , this scarf is on sale and will be ordered and an adorable hat can be found here.  Check them out - Happy Shopping!


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