Friday, July 7, 2017

The Cart of All Carts

Hey, Happy Friday!   Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.  I know I am, even though I cannot believe its July already!  Why do the summer months tend to fly by?  In any event, if you are on social media or at least Pinterest or Instagram, I am sure you have seen tons of photos of this Ikea Raskog Cart!  Naturally, as a self-proclaimed organizer, I had to have it, with no particular use in mind.  I ordered it sometime at the beginning of this year and literally, just a few weeks ago decided to put it to good use.Below you will find some pics on how I styled it for the kitchen and also some inspirational pics from Pinterest, since this cart has endless uses.  Some ideas I toyed around with for it are using it for organizing hair products, accessories (I have enough organizers for those lol), candles and aromatherapy items,  and plants!  I don't think they sell this pretty turquoise color anymore, but I do think it comes in beige, white, black and rust, you can find it here.  ALSO, there are a ton of carts that are similar, although the Ikea one is $24.99!  Check out this one at Michael's if you like the turquoise color.

I mean, does it get any better than this?  So my cart was the perfect addition to the kitchen, since we have very limited storage.  The top shelf has my donut cookie jar (found at Homegoods), gumball machine (yes, I know, but I love these novelty items) and my mini Kitchen Aid chopper.
The middle shelf has a ton of Victoria Gourmet spices that don't fit on the wall shelves.  If you missed that post, you can find it here.
The bottom shelf has all of our favorite Polar seltzer waters (if you like seltzer, you should check out the special summer flavors like Raspberry Rose!).

Here's some pinspiration for you!  The cart is used as a cleaning car, bar cart, makeup cart, bathroom cart, plant  cart, baby cart, nightstand cart, and kitchen cart!

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