Saturday, March 25, 2017

Gettin' Crafty

Happy Saturday everyone!  Sorry for the delay, I just have not been able to get this post up for some reason lol.  I recently learned that March is national craft month, so I thought to myself, now is a perfect time to post about how to organize your crafts, in a drawer! 
So many bloggers online rave on and on about these wonderful craft rooms that they construct in their beautiful homes.  I mean, they are just fab!  However, some of us live in urban areas, where space is a serious commodity and just don't have the spare room.  I, for one, do not allow space constraints to damper my creativity!  As an organizer, I realized, there is a way to organize all the must have craft supplies into a small drawer so that I can continue doing my little DIYs. 

Check out my pics below and share your ideas about how you organize your crafts in a smaller space.

What you need depends on what type of crafts you have.  I have a lot of small things that can fit in bags, so that's what I am using to organize. 

BEFORE:  This drawer is a mess, I just have stuff piled in it.  No rhyme or reason.

Remember these bags? I bought them to organize my hair stuff but didn't think they were sturdy enough.  So I put them to the side until I could figure out what to do with them.  Then it dawned on me, I could use them for my crafts, duh.  (If you missed the post on organizing hair stuff, check it out here.)

Simply dump the drawer or gather all your crafts and separate them and place them in bags.  Its not rocket science.  lol.  This bag has my fabric paint.

Yes, this is boondoggle and yes I am adult and have some.  I came across it in Hobby Lobby and just couldn't pass it up.  I am still pretty nice with the cobra, spiral, double square, etc.

I love gel pens and realized I have a ton.  I like to use them for writing out birthday and holiday cards. 

I could not live without my hotglue gun and scissors, I just put them in this box together.

I found this little container at Michaels.  Its perfect for storing buttons.  I have a ton of buttons, I know.  I like to switch them on the clothes that I buy to personalize them a bit.

I've had this little sewing tin forever, probably originally found it at the Dollar Tree, but not sure.  As you can see, it has all my thread, needles and pins. 

AFTER:  All finished.  The bags stack easily in the drawer.  I have them labeled as well.  There are a few craft items that I don't keep in this drawer; beads, paint and seashells/seaglass.  I like to keep beads separate because if they spill, they get into everything and the same with paint.  The seashells are simply too big, so those are in a glass vase! 


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