Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cosmopolitan Closets Customizing: The Mini Coffee Bar

Hi Everyone!  Long time, no blog.  Sorry for my little break, I have a very good excuse, I was in Dubai!  The trip was nothing short of amazing, so I will share some pictures soon!  Check out my IG  in the meantime for pics that I shared in real time.  In any event,  I am so excited to share my latest little DIY, how to make your own little coffee (or tea) bar regardless of the space you have.

My kitchen is a decent size, however, there is one tiny counter, and not a lot cabinets.  When I moved into the apartment, my bf already had these wire racks, which I hated!  However, after giving them some thought, I realized I could use them as storage and what do you know, they actually work!  Check out my post about them here (this post is part of my small kitchen organizing series that I featured in 2016, check out the rest of it here, here, and here). 

When I received my new espresso/cappuccino/coffee-maker last year for my birthday, I immediately wanted to create a little space, aka coffee bar, on my wire rack.  It was very simple to do and below I listed all the accoutrements needed!  Check it out and let me know what you think!  As always, thank you for reading/sharing/liking :)

What You Need:
1. Shelf riser - I used one that is flat on the bottom so that it would stay put on the wire shelf (I also put a placemat underneath it for some style).  Check out this one on Target's website.
2.  Coffee jar- I got this Starbucks canister a long time ago.  You can use any canister you like, I just refill it when the coffee gets low.  I love this one on Crate & Barrel's website.
3. Mugs - I collect the Starbucks mugs from around the world, whenever I travel.  So I have amassed a little collection.  I display about 4 at a time since its only 2 of us.  You can use whatever mugs you like, saw some cute striped ones at Homegoods or this set from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
4. Accoutrements -  Since I have a cappuccino/espresso maker, I found these miniature Torani syrups at Cost Plus World Market for 99 cents each!  Tip - if you have a smaller space, look for items that fit into that space, i.e. not the huge syrup bottles.  I also used my Fiesta salt and pepper shakers for cinnamon and nutmeg, you can find them here on sale!
5. Utensils - I used a little mason jar to house my espresso spoons (also found at World Market) and peppermint sticks (I use these to flavor tea).  Check out these funky spoons on Amazon!

1.  Here is my shelf riser, I found it at Boscov's.  It is the perfect height and width for my shelf. 
2. I absolutely love this Starbucks coffee jar that I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  You can use any jar with a lid to store your coffee.

3.  Mugs are the easy part!  I have a collection of these city Starbucks mugs from around the globe, but any of your favorite mugs will do!

4. Accoutrements - don't forget all the fixings! 

  5. Utensils - spoons and peppermint sticks are a must for coffee and tea!


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