Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cosmopolitan Closets Guide to Organizing: The Must-Have Organizers

Hi Everyone!  Hope that you are enjoying the weekend!  I cannot believe that we are already in the second month of 2017!  I am so grateful for a new month, a new week, a new day :-)  This year, I am on a mission to completely declutter and continue to #cleverlystore the things I must keep. 
In order to do this, I have a few must-have organizing accessories that help me get the job done quickly and affordably.  I figured I would share my favorites with you in hopes that they may become your favorite organizers to keep your space orderly too. 

Check out my list below  Are there any items on my list that are on your list as well?  What are some of your favorite organizers?  Please share, I wanna hear from you!!!  As always, thanks for reading!

Thee List

(1) The Multi-Hanger - I have definitely blogged about this before, probably a few times for that matter.  Since I always have limited closet space and I wear a lot of skirts (I hate work pants), I need a sturdy, flexible tiered hanger to hold all my skirts.  I found this one at Walmart awhile ago and never looked back and get this, it's only $4.99.  You can find it here.  Unfortunately, you can't order it online, but when I find them in stock at my local Walmart, I buy a few at a time. 

(2) The Sink Organizer -  I don't think I blogged about this organizer, but don't fear, I am sharing it now.  So under my kitchen sink was a bit of a mess - I had large plastic baskets under there and it was a mess.  I needed to update the setup, so I browsed Amazon and came across these organizers and ordered 2, you can find them here.  They are easy to put together, fit nicely under the sink and because they are flat on the top, I was able to stack additional baskets on top of them.

The drawer at the bottom slides out making it easy to store random items. 

Here is a pic of both sides of the sink, filled with stuff lol.  But as you can see, these are great b.c I was able to stack baskets on top of them.  Also, if you have the space, these are stackable ;-)

(3) The Cube - Now I know I have definitely blogged about these cubes.  You can find my posts here, here and here.  I absolutely love how versatile they are.  You can use them for storage like I do or you can use them for decoration.  They have some many uses, are fairly inexpensive, decent quality and easy to put together.  I highly recommend them!

Perfect for accessories!

Perfect as a bookcase!

Perfect for storage!


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