Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cosmopolitan Closet's Guide to Organizing: Working Out that Gear

Good Evening everyone!  Hope that you enjoyed your weekend!  I know I spent mine relaxing and doing my weekly chores as per usual.  lol.  I wish one weekend could go by where laundry, cleaning and food shopping were not on my to-do list! Any who, how many of you have made a resolution to work out more?  I know its always on my priority list, but it literally takes all the strength in my body to make it to the gym (I do Zumba, pilates reformer, boxing and sometimes spinning) lol. 
I am sometimes running out of the house in the morning and finding things to pack into my gym bag can be a bit of a headache b/c the drawers were a mess.  The LAST excuse I need to not work out is that I couldn't find something, lol, so I spent this weekend re-organizing all of my workout clothes plus putting my at-home workout equipment all together. 

Check out my pics below, as well as some #pinspiration for you to get yourself all organized and geared up for the plethora of torture, I mean, workout classes/running/biking that we commit ourselves to all in the quest of health!

What you need:
1. Dedicated drawer(s)/area for your workout clothes - I keep mine in plastic drawers tucked away in the closet.
2. Drawer dividers if you have a lot of pieces to organize - I found some on Amazon and some in TJMaxx.
3.  Under-the-bed storage container - this is for all your at-home gym equipment and you can find these anywhere!

I've had this plastic drawer forever and I keep finding different uses for it.  At one point it had all of my hair items, another point, scarves and socks.  Now its home to my workout clothes.

BEFORE - total mess, no wonder I couldn't find things in a pinch.

Found these OXO grips on  The size is adjustable and they were only $19.99 and you can find them here.

AFTER:  I separated the sports bras on one side and tank tops on the other.  The OXO divider worked perfectly, I just adjusted it to the right width and locked it in place.

I used the OXO divider in this drawer as well, which has all my sleeveless tops on one side (left) and t-shirts (right) on the other side.  They fit perfectly.

I organized all of my leggings and biker shorts in this drawer and no divider was needed.  I can easily grab the pair I want now that they are folded neatly.
This under-the-bed flat container is perfect for housing all of my at-home workout equipment.  I was able to fit my yoga mat, kettle bells, jump rope, free weights, ankle weights, pilates socks, and all of my Nike running accessories plus my boxing gel wraps.

As you can see, the lid still fits perfectly.  By keeping them all in one container, they are easy to find when I wanna workout at home, plus its keeps them dust free!

Pinterest inspiration!  These little stands can be found in Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target. 

 Pinterest inspiration.  You can use a over the door shoe organizer as a way to organize your workout clothes as well.

Some of my fave Nike and NikePro sports bras!  When my workout gear is cute, I feel even more motivated to put in the work!

Some of my fave Nike and NikePro leggings and shorts.  The more prints and colors, the better!


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