Thursday, December 22, 2016

Winter Accessories - All About Holiday Shopping Gear

Hi Everyone!  Can you believe Christmas is this Sunday?  Its crazy how quickly this month has flown by.  Not sure if you remember, but I mentioned that I am completely obsessed with accessories and while the main idea for this blog is organizing, interior design and DIYs, from time to time I will share my take on must-have accessories.  So with that being said, I want to share how I tackle last minute shopping in stylish, yet comfy and functional accessories.
Ok, so we all know that the malls and plazas are seriously crazy right now, everyone is rushing about to shop.  I prefer online shopping for this reason, but to grab last minutes gifts, I have to head to the mall.  I keep my shopping experiences stress free, however, by first filling up my favorite Starbucks tumbler with some homemade coffee or tea (this helps me avoid the sugar-filled options in the mall). 
Next, even in the winter, I wear a pair of stylish, yet comfy sneakers (metallic and stripes are my favorite) as my Uggs are too flat and too hot for mall runs. 

Next, I wear a crossbody bag, that way I can keep in front of me or tucked into my coat and my hands are free for shopping!  I also like crossbody bags because they make it harder to sit down absentmindedly and harder to steal since unfortunately, you can never be too safe.  I also have a cold weather accessory to protect myself from the elements when running to and from the car, either a cute beanie or infinity scarf, which keep me warm and stylish if I choose not to wear my coat inside.
Check out my pics below and let me know what you think.  As always thanks for reading and happy holidays!
I love these rosegold accessories!  Its my fave metallic that looks good with just about anything.  This crossbody bag is small, but holds all the shopping essentials.  These metallic Reebok classics are from last year but there are so many options out there now.
These silver accessories are also my fave!  These Nike Thea's go with everything and are perfect for errands.  The mirrored cross body bag is Coach, which I found on  I found this silver beanie at Zara and of course my Starbucks mug!  This is all I need to complete my shopping.
Black and white stripes are also pretty high up there on my list of favorite accessories!  They are perfect for any season and great for running errands.  This Starbucks mug is one of my faves and this infinity scarf is perfect for running from the car to the mall.  I absolutely love these polkadot/striped Nikes, ugh so cute!  
Here are some recommendations for stylish accessories for last minute, comfy shopping.

I absolutely love these metallic, dark blue Nike Theas.  They will go perfectly with any wash of jean and a cute sweatshirt.  You can find them here. 

This little bag is adorable and only $29 on Target's website.  You can find it here.
These double wall ceramic tumblers are great because they are functional and stylish at the same time!  Just check out Starbuck's website for options.


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