Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cosmopolitan Closets Makeover #5 - Coat Season

Good Evening!  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and took the time to reflect on the many things that we have to be thankful for :) 

Given that the weather is finally cooling down here in the Northeast, it is definitely coat season.  If you are anything like me and love fall/winter fashion, you probably have a few stylish wool coats, plus the heavy down ones for winter storms and some cute leather jackets for when the weather is mild. 

Well a good friend of mine has a love for coats too, but needed a bit of help organizing her coat closet.  This was a simple closet makeover, as she already had her plethora of accessories in containers, summer sandals tucked away and hangers for all of her coats.  Check out my before and after pictures below and always feel free to comment, post and share!  Thanks for reading :)

Coat Closet Must-Haves:
Wooden Hangers: I recommend using them for winter coats, as they are heavier and bulkier and will support the weight of the coats.  Check out some here.
Over the Door Hook:  You can find these almost everywhere, from the Dollar Store to Homegoods and everywhere in between, take your pick.  The plastic ones are a good value, but I like this one here for a little touch of glam!

Storage Bins:  I recommend storing infrequently used accessories like extra hats, gloves and shoes in bins or baskets for easy access, but great storage.

Boot System:  If you prefer to keep your boots in their original boxes and have room to stack them, that's great!  If not, check out these options for storing your fashionably warm winter footwear, here and here. 

BEFORE:  A good size closet, packed with coats and everything in between :)

BEFORE:  The shelf was very organized with boot boxes, but the coats were hung with different hangers in a way that made it difficult to find one quickly

IN PROCESS:  As per usual, I pull everything out of the closet, in order to sort, re-hang and organize

IN PROCESS:  These containers were already organized, so I just found the right lids and placed them back on the closet floor when I finished

AFTER:  I sorted the coats by season and by material.  My friend had more than enough wooden coat hangers to hang her winter coats and I used the slim ones for raincoats and leather jackets.  By hanging them in the same direction and zipping/buttoning them, they all fit neatly :-)

AFTER:  I was able to re-stack her containers on the closet floor and use the doors for scarves and vests (about 50 coats on her side of the closet and 10 or so on her husband's side of closet, lol, sounds about right)
TIP: Hang your most-used/favorite scarves on the back of a closet door for easy access (I linked a cute one above).  This organizer is easy to find in stores like Target and Walmart.  Store the scarves you don't wear that often in bins or baskets, no need to display them all!

Linked above! 

Linked above!


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