Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cosmopolitan Closet's Guide: Keeping Organized (or sane) During the Holidays

Happy Hump Day everyone!  Can you believe that Christmas is only 11 days away!  This year has really flown by, but I can't complain.  I am very thankful for all of this year's ups and downs and I am really looking forward to 2017 (I am a dreamer and a planner, what can I say). 

In any event, before we get into 2017, we have to survive the holidays right?  Lol!  I don't think anyone should feel like they have to #survive, I mean, the holidays should be enjoyed.  But who am I kidding, its so easy to get bogged down with wrapping paper, lights and ornaments (not to mention gifts), that your home can turn into complete chaos before you know. 

Check out some of my recommendations below and as always, feel free to share your life-saving tips for keeping organized during the holidays!  Thanks for reading!

Gift Wrap Organizer

This little bag is a life saver!  I found this on The Container Store's website for $6.99 (you can find it here).  I think its perfect for a small space and can be stashed under the bed or in a closet.

This is for the more advanced gift wrapper!  Its perfect because you can put all of your gift wrapping essentials in it, name tags, tape, bows and ribbon and it fits neatly under the bed.  You can find it here.

The Ornament Catcher

These are such a must have!  I have been boxing my ornament collection (which I am obsessed with) in random cardboard boxes over the past few years.  I will be purchasing this one soon in anticipation for the take down (you can find it here).  There are 3 separate containers that snap together and this comes in different sizes too!

Here is another version of an ornament storage box, but in cloth.  These are nice if you want to fold the box and tuck it away while the ornaments are on the tree.  I prefer the plastic one above, however because I have mine in a storage unit and they need to be protected.  You can find this one here.

Christmas Tress Storage
The Container Store really has the best containers!  I came across one for a tree up to 8 ft., with wheels on the bottom.  I will be purchasing this as well, so I can toss the box it came in, as its pretty beat up now lol :)  There are plenty of options out there though, just look around!

All of the Lights
I am so tired of having tangled lights.  Even when I wrap and store them separately, then are still tangled.  This box seems to do the trick!  Check it out on The Container Store's website of course :-)

Disclaimer:  This is NOT a sponsored post, I just happen to shop and love the Container Store :)


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