Monday, October 17, 2016

A Fashionista's DIY

Hi Everyone, happy Monday (evening)!  From time to time, as I come across cool DIYs, I will feature them on my blog.  So with that being said, meet Ajah!  Ajah is a hair stylist extraordinaire, fashionista and avid DIYer.  Like all fashionistas, she was faced with the common closet dilemma - a lot of clothing and a less than ideal closet set up.  Check out our interview below, as well as her before and after pictures and stay on the look out for her DIY blog!

Question:  What made you decide to update your closet setup?
Ajah:  Being that I shop so much, I needed more room in my closet to fit all my clothing. (I know this sentiment all too well lol!)

Question: Where did you look for inspiration for your closet design?
Ajah:  My inspiration for my closet design came from YouTube, Instagram and two of my favorite HGTV shows, Fixer Upper (with Chip and Joanna Gaines) and Property Brothers.

Question:  Where did you buy the closet system?
Ajah:  I bought the closet system from Walmart (Closet Maid) for ~$13 and I found the white shelves at Home Depot.

Question:  Was it easy to install and how long did it take you to complete?
Ajah:  This unit was very easy to install and took about 45 minutes to put together. 

Question:  Did you have help or were you able to do it yourself?
Ajah:  I didn't have any help, but you wouldn't need any as it was very easy to put together.

Question:  Now that your closet is finished, do you feel like you were able to fit more pieces inside?
Ajah:  With this DIY closet unit, I am now able to fit a lot more clothing, as well as coats, shoes, jewelry, storage bins, scarves and even some decorative items.  It fits everything!

BEFORE:  The typical closet set up, a single bar to hang an entire wardrobe - ahhh!

An almost completed closet redo!  Lots of storage space with this shelving unit.

AFTER:  The finished product!  There are places to put shoes/boots, bags, clothes and more!


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