Monday, September 19, 2016

The Cube Redo

Happy Monday (evening) friends!  Being that a new season is slowly coming upon us, I am, of course, reassessing and reorganizing.  Seriously, its my favorite thing to do!  So with that being said, do you remember my post from awhile back about how to use storage cubes in small, narrow spaces?
Well if you didn't see the post, check it out here!  Also, here's a pic to jog your memory.

This was my cube set up when I moved to NJ.  I absolutely love the storage boxes and glass vases.
However, unfortunately for me, it was time to pack away my beautiful fashion storage boxes as they really were annoying to go in and out of and the vases collected a ton of dust.  Also, I didn't realize at the time, but they made the hallway super feminine and that just isn't fair to the bf right?  LOL. 

So I decided to redo our narrow, but long hallway space by adding a few more cubes and drawers.  Since I already had 9-cube set up on each side, I knew I couldn't put more than 3 cubes on top of them, otherwise they could fall over.  Finding a 3 cube horizontal storage shelf was not easy.  But then I realized, as long as the measurements were the same, I could easily flip a vertical one horizontally and ta-da!  Check out my cube redo below and as always, let me know what you think!  Thanks for reading! 

Oh, btw, here is the link for the ones I bought from Target for $20 each.  My budget was $75 to redo the space with add-on cube storage and drawers.  The drawers were on sale for $6, so in total I spent $64!

Here is the new set up with the 3 compartment cubes on top of the 9 compartment cubes. 

I snuck a few of my fave fashion storage boxes in the cubes that have my headbands and nail polish.

This turquoise color is so nice and matches perfectly with the drawers we already had.  Unfortunately I only ordered one and when I went back, they were sold out.

Here is the mint color cube that I had to opt for since the turquoise was sold out.  I was able to make sure they were the same width by comparing the width of the 9 compartment cube with the height of the 3 compartment cube to make sure they were the same since I was placing it horizontally.


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