Thursday, September 8, 2016

Setting the (small) Stage

Hi Everyone!  Happy Thursday!  Can you believe that we are past Labor Day?!  Its insane, I swear.  The summer literally flew by.  With that being said, however, I LOVE the fall and while its still warm outside, I do take the liberty to switch up my décor to suit the season.  If you missed my posts about how I updated my décor for spring and fall, you can find them here and here.

In addition to switching up my décor, I realized that now that I live in a much smaller space, its important to "stage" the rooms in the apartment so that we still have a sense of a dining space, living room space and so on.  In order to make a small, multifunctional room feel like it has separate and distinct spaces, I decided to rearrange the furniture and create a "divide" so to speak, so that the living room feels like one space and the dining feels like another space.  Also, by adding an area rug under the dining room table, I think it helped do just that.  Actually, I think things like area rugs, bookcases, sofa tables and plants are some ways to mark off where one space ends and another begins.

Check out my pics below and let me know what you think!  As always, feel free to drop a line and please click the follow button so that you can stay up to date with my latest DIYs and organizing tips.  Thanks for reading!

I added this cute rug I found at TJMaxx for $15 to our "dining room" space.  Also, I hung this (well my bf hung) this large picture frame from our Puerto Rico trip over the table to add to the separate space idea, plus our "watchman" statue stands guard.

Yes, $15 for this rug!  SOLD!

The little end table is the end of the "living room" and the rug is the beginning of the "dining room".  The chair cushions are from Pier 1 and the placemats are from Target.

The living room space has two end tables on either side of the sofa to make it distinct from our dining room space.

Just wanted to share this little plant stand that I found for $24.99 at Homegoods. Its perfect for displaying our plants and seashells we found at the shore this summer!

I added curtain holdbacks that I found in Target a couple of years ago.  This helps keep them out of the way when we want to let in light and Mr. Big wants to sleep in the window.


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