Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Organizing on Top of Organizing???

Hi Everyone!  So this is a super short post about how I organize on top of organizing lol or how I compartmentalize everything, literally.  Basically, its nice to buy organizers for your makeup or jewelry, but if the drawers are a mess, what purpose do they really serve?

I realized that I had become completely guilty of doing just that, having the best organizers for my needs, but they were messy behind closed doors lol.  So drawer inserts or trays are a super simple way to fix that problem.  They literally have them everywhere, plus you can make them yourself from odd boxes around the house (think cereal or cracker boxes). 

I found two acrylic and mirrored ones at Homegoods of course, but Container store and the Dollar Tree have all kinds of options as well.   Check out my pics below and let me know what you think.


Here is one of the  4-compartment acrylic trays that I purchased from Homegoods for $16.99 each.

I took a gamble with the dimensions, as I wasn't sure if it would fit inside my drawers.  Definitely measure before you buy!

Here it the other 4-compartment tray that I have more necklaces inside.  Before I bought these trays, I just had the necklaces slapped inside the drawers, lol, which caused them to tangle and break :(

Here are the earring trays that I featured a long time ago.  I think I purchased these at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Here is my jewelry armoire, now more organized thanks to the use of these acrylic trays!



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