Friday, March 18, 2016

Cosmopolitan Closets Small Kitchen Organizing Series - The Revamped Refrigerator

Happy Friday everyone!  Can you believe that Spring is just around the corner?  It's insane how fast and mild this winter has been, which isn't entirely bad, but I still have a plethora of winter fashion I haven't worn yet!  Ahhhh!  Any who, here is the last entry in my small kitchen organizing series, all about the refrigerator.  I am sooooo obsessed with having a clean, organized and well stocked refrigerator and I have found by doing so, I don't overbuy in the market and old food gets dumped right away.

There are a few things that I think a well organized refrigerator has, regardless of size.  I listed them below and shared some links on where you can find them yourself.  The organizing drawers are pretty inexpensive and the make a huge difference, especially if you have kiddies!  Now, if you own one of those gorgeous stainless steel beauties, don't fret, these tips can help you keep that fridge in tip top shape too!  Please share your comments, check out my pics and tips below and as always, thanks for reading!!

Refrigerator Must-Haves

1. Egg Organizer - I love this organizer because it keeps eggs safe, lets you get rid of that carton they come in (recycle it of course) and you can stack things on top of the eggs without fear of crushing them.  Check out this one on Target's website!  I have it, it holds 21 eggs (odd number I know) and is great :)

2. Top Shelf Storage Bin - So I have an open bin on the top shelf to store the multitude of condiments that we have.  Also, since we have wire racks, it makes keeping them orderly so much easier b/c they don't fall thru the cracks.  Check on this divided option on Bed, Bath and Beyond's site.  You can also use this for water bottles, canned beverages and even juice boxes for the little one!

3. Middle Shelf Storage Bin - I like the idea of having a bin on the middle shelf to store items like bacon, sausage, shredded cheese and cheese sticks.  I found a great one at Homegoods that has a little sliding tray on top that's perfect for things like Laughing Cow cheese wedges.  The Container Store has some great stacking options here. 

4. Produce Bins -  Most refrigerators come with bins for produce, but when you have an apartment size fridge, those bins can be quite small and once you had a head of cabbage and a few grapefruits, that's it!  So I added 2 open bins for the produce overflow, so that I can stock up on my favorite veggies and pomegranates and not worry about them crushing the other food.

Below are a few pics from Pinterest that show how easy it is to add these organizers to your refrigerator!

This is my refrigerator, not well stocked but well organized!
1st shelf- a shallow bin helps organize condiments 
2nd shelf - egg container on the left and a cheese/meat organizing bin on the right
3rd shelf- extra produce bins for large fruits and veggies!  
All in all, I may have spent $35!

This bin has a little tray (mentioned above) that's perfect for cheese wedges or other snacks for the family!


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