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Cosmopolitan Closets Customizing - Holiday Decor DIY

Happy Holidays and Happy Monday!  Hope that everyone enjoyed their respective holidays or just some time off spent with loved ones :)  So I wanted to post this before the holiday, but I was so busy preparing for the festivities, I ran outta time.  However, since its still the holiday season, check them out and let me know what you think. 

Just a little side note, on top of loving organizing, fashion, gardening, cooking and home décor, I have been a crafter for as long as I can remember!  My aunt and I used to make earrings and sell them at church bazaars.  She was very instrumental in helping me explore my creative side (although I am super analytical as well) and since then, I have been non stop with little projects, DIYs, floral arrangements and everything in between.  I hope you like them and as always, thanks for reading and Happy (early) New Year!

My ornament wreath.  Found a tutorial for this on Pinterest and it was so easy, check out the how-to below.

These are $0.99 store ornaments, different sizes and textures.  I used about 8 packs of them.

Found this glittery ribbon and wire at Walmart for $1.99 and $4.99, respectively.  Some how-to's say use an old wire hanger, but ummmm, I am an organizer, wire hangers don't exist in my world!  HA!  I would say there are 3 steps to making this. 
1.  Cut the wire to desire length and form a circle.  The wire is really flexible and easy to bend so just form it to however big you want your wreath to be.
2. String the ornaments on, varying the size, color and texture.  **Warning, there will be glitter everywhere is you are using those glittery ones lol**
3.  Twist ends together to form a hook and close wreath.  Then put the ribbon on and tie a bow.  That easy and you're done!
**Because these are dollar store ornaments, they may pop off, so if you feel so inclined, prior to stringing them on the wire, use a hotglue gun and glue them onto the ornament hooks**

Here is a gold one I made for my friend.  I took the pic before I put the ribbon on, but it was a copper iridescent ribbon that I found at Michael's.

Here is my hand-beaded pearl ornament.  This took a very long time and was well worth it, hahaha.  Check out the how-to below.  Once again, this DIY was inspired by DIY network pinterest picture.

In order to make this ornament, you need lots of beads, straight pins, Styrofoam ball and an ornament hook or string.  Only a few steps to make this one.
1. Place bead on straight pins and stick into Styrofoam ball.  Now, I started with 3 beads on each pin.  Terrible idea unless you plan on putting a dab of glue on them to stay.  Ultimately I decided to do 1 bead on each pin and because I have pins with pearl tips, it still looked nice.
2. Pin on string to hang on the tree.  You could also use your hot glue gun to do this.  Although I have one, it gets way too messy and glue with beads was too much for me.
**Tip - use seed beads to fill in gaps.  I bought the pearls and turquoise beads from Michaels, along with the Styrofoam balls.  I ordered the straight pins from Amazon.**

This is when I realized I had too many beads on each pin - AHHHHH!

The finished product hanging on the tree!

Homemade Christmas tree ornaments - 15 easy DIY ideas and decorations:
Here is the original Pinterest post that inspired me :-)

Here is my last DIY - a pearl Christmas tree.  Same steps as the beaded ornament, but instead this time, I used a Styrofoam tree from Michaels and different color straight pins throughout to jazz it up a bit!

DIY: Beautiful Vintage Styed Tree. did i show you beads i bought in shabby chic colors:
How pretty is this tree that I came across on Pinterest?!  Next year, I may do one like this with more color and a different size to have a whole collection of them.

My wreath and ornament cluster (just string some ornaments onto a ribbon and tie together).

And here is a little pic of my gift presentation.  I absolutely love wrapping and found this beautiful silver paper at Target along with the bows and ribbon. 


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