Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gettin' Spicy

Happy Hump Day and more importantly Happy Veteran's Day to all of the servicemen and women who keep us safe!!

If you are anything like me and love cooking or at least attempting to, lol, you probably have amassed a large amount of spices and seasonings. If you have a full sized pantry or ample cabinet space, then you probably don't need a storage solution for your spices. However, if you have limited space, then keep reading!!!

There are tons of ways to organize your spice collection; countertop racks, cabinet shelves and spinning contraptions.  Unfortunately, we have one counter in the kitchen and only a few cabinets, one of which is over the stove and dedicated to our spices. The cabinet is not the most ideal way to organize them though because it is dark and small. Also, we have a ton of spices in glass jars which take up a lot of the cabinet space. One thing that's ample in the kitchen is wall space, therefore I looked for wall mountable spice racks.

Check out the pics below and let me know what you think!  The spice rack I decided to get was only $11!   I will link it below.  Thanks for reading!

Found this metal spice rack on Amazon for $11.87!  Here's the link! I specifically wanted a metal 
spice  rack to match the metal racks I have in the kitchen already. I also needed a rack that could accommodate our collection of Victoria Gourmet spices (check them out, I linked their website). We purchased most of them at Homegoods and Marshalls. 

Here is my spice rack mounted on the wall beneath my bulletin board. It holds the wide glass jars (12 large ones) and smaller jars as well. 

Here is a pic of the spice rack which my bf mounted for me below the bulletin board. Stay tuned for my post on how I used some clever storage techniques in the kitchen. 

Check out the selection of spice racks at Bed, Bath and Beyond!  


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