Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Plant Corner - The Small Apartment Guide to Keeping all of your Plants

Okay, everyone knows that I love plants, especially succulents.  However, what you don't know, is the fact that the plants have taken over my apartment with my bf, who by the way has a pretty green thumb as well lol.  So we needed to figure out, how can we still enjoy the plants without them taking over our bedroom.  Since we have a little nook that has 2 windows, its the perfect place for the plants to stay, but with so many we had to strategize a better way to organize them.

So, I remembered the stand I inherited from my grandparents (you can find the post here), the one my father customized for me and decided to use it in the room instead of leaving it to collect dust in storage.  It fit in the corner between the 2 windows perfectly!  In addition to that stand, I used one of my plant stands that I had on my terrace (see post here).  I hung a few plants in the windows and made use of the window sills too, no space is too small for a plant!  When its all said and done, I think my indoor forrest is thriving!

Check out my pics below and let me know what you think?  Are you a part of the succulent craze as well, lol?  Share your pics and comments below.

Here is my jungle. LOL. As you can see, I implemeted my corner stand to house small potted plants and I used the window sill to house my family of spider plants. The space is so narrow, so the corner stand fit perfectly!

So, I received a clipping of a spider plant from a nun that I worked for in college. One small clipping from 2004 turned into at least 6 full grown spider plants. Nature is amazing! I also hung a spider plant over the window as well.
Here's a cute plant stand that I found on Ikea's website for $35!  Its perfect for a small space and small potted plants.  You can find it here.

Here is another Ikea plant holder that can be used to display more than a succulent collection.  I love how its styled.  You can find it here.


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