Friday, February 20, 2015

NYFW Inspired Organizing Series- Day 7, Bring on the Sun!

So sad that this is the last post for this series, but I hope that everyone has enjoyed these NYFW Inspired posts.  Building a fabulous wardrobe takes time, but organizing it shouldn't be too painful.  I hope the tips and suggestions I provided will allow you to keep your accessories, shoes and unmentionables easy to find. 
With that being said, check out some neat ways to organize your sunglasses.  Personally, I prefer to keep them in their cases, which I store in a drawer in my jewelry armoire.  However, some people love to have them on display and the options presented below should give you some cool ideas on how to make your own organizer or where to find them online!  Loving how the sun is out today, hating how cold it is!  Happy organizing!  As always thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment.

I found this picture on Pinterest (of course lol) and it is pretty ingenious. Why not just grab a tiered hanger (the ones with the rubber coated hanging parts are best) and store the glasses on them! Super affordable and easy to do. You can find those tiered hangers here.


I found this little organizer on The Container Store's website and its only $19.99!  This might be perfect for someone who only has a few pairs (not a hoarder of sunglasses like me lol).  Click here to purchase it.

This is pretty much how I have mine organized.  I used a drawer in my jewelry armoire just for sunglasses in their cases.  You can use a fabric bin as well and put it on  your nightstand or on a shelf in your closet.


I found this sunglass box on Overstock and is perfect for watch collections as well.  The link to purchase it is here.


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