Tuesday, December 16, 2014

His and Hers

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Can you believe that Christmas is next week?!  Where has the time gone?

As I mentioned in my last post (in case you didn't see it, you can find it here), I now live in NJ with my bf and I want to share some of my best tips with you on how to maximize a smaller shared space.  With that being said, I really thought long and hard about how to set up our bedroom. 

As you may remember from some of my previous posts (you can find one here), I own and adore pieces from the Pier 1 Imports Hayworth Collection (which can be found here).  However, when I moved to NJ, I was a little worried that my furniture wouldn't quite fit in the shared space, so some quick decisions had to be made.  After careful thought and deliberation, we decided to buy another Hayworth dresser for my bf, making our set complete.  Now, when space is limited, you would think that too large dressers just wouldn't work, but because of how the apartment is shaped, they work perfectly! 

Another option from the collection that we considered was the Armoire (check it out here and the pic below), but it was just too large and awkward in the space with the furniture that I had already.  His and hers dressers are not always easy to pull off, so some other options if you are limited with space, are under-the-bed storage (or boxsprings with built-in drawers, we just got one and its fab!) and just letting HER have all the closets and dressers, lol!

Check out my pics and let me know how you and your significant other organize your space! 



(Plus my lovely Hayworth Jewelry Armoire)

The Hayworth Armoire!  Love it, but its way too big for our space :(



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