Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Jersey, New Life

Hello Friends!  Long time, no blog and for that, I am truly sorry.  Life got so ridiculously busy this summer and then I moved!  Can you believe that, I moved out of the city.  Something I never thought that I would do, but here I am, in New Jersey...well Jersey City to be exact.  I don't even know where to begin, but long story short, I decided to move in with my boyfriend as we continue to move forward in our relationship and NJ just made more sense for us. 

With that being said, boy o boy has it been an adjustment.  I went from having my own spacious apartment in Harlem to having a shared, smaller (less expensive might I add) space in Jerz!  So all in all, it was a no brainer.  However, it left me with the huge task of merging our furniture and belongings and maximizing the space!  In addition to all my "things", I also brought over my cat (Mr. Big) and my plethora of plants.  I hate to say it, but I quickly took over the space and realized that letting go of some of my things and putting others in storage was a must.  After a grueling month and a half of moving, unpacking and storing, I think I have finally figured out the best set up for us.  Stay tuned for some of the best tips I have thus far on how to merge, organize and keep organized, a smaller space for 2! xoxo, Maya

My couch and cat in the new space!  Changed the color theme to chocolate, cream and deep turquoise and found all these pillows at Pier 1 Imports.

This tiny nook is perfect for a mail and key center.  I used my old keyring holder and added a dark brown wood organizer from Target to keep mail organized. 
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