Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cosmopolitan Closets Spring (or maybe summer) Cleaning Chronicles: The Big Changeover

Every season we go through this rigmarole, packing summer clothes away in the fall and bringing them back out in the Spring.  If you are smart, you try not to do it all at once like me or otherwise, you are in for a treat like the one below.

This was a disaster of my making - HELP!

So I set out to change my winter and summer clothes in one afternoon and when I think about it now, I definitely would break it up over 2 days going forward; one day for the closet and one day for everything else!  Check out my pics below and let me know how you change your clothes over season to season!  Feel free to leave a comment or send me pics to post on here (email is mboyd@cosmopolitanclosets.com)

Skirts and dresses hung by arm length and color (sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve)

Blouses hung the same, by arm length and color! 

Another view of the blouse side!

Colorful cardis rolled in the drawer!

More pics to come later, but I store my clothes under the bed in long, flat totes, as well as in the closet in larger totes, that house winter skirts, sweaters, shirts, boots and accessories! 

Remember this cube from my blog post on customizing the cube for your home?  Well before it was stuffed with sweaters and wool pants. Now it houses my summer skirts, jeans and cotton ankle pants (which I have in every color thanks to Old Navy lol). The little boxes on the top have headbands and the drawers hold pjs!

Stuffed with winter clothes (boooooo!)


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