Thursday, March 13, 2014

Linens-N-Things - Part I (BEFORE)

Hello everyone!  Ok.  Lets just get into this.  lol.  Linens are a pain in the a$$!  Most ppl don't have the space or time to bother with organizing them, so I decided to write a post that I hope can make it a bit easier for you to organize yours.  No matter the amount of towels, sheets and washcloths you have, the more organized they are, the easier they are find and the less of a mess you will have.  Take a look at my ideas below and let me know if it helps!!  BTW, after looking at this picture, I am going to do a before and after post because I can definitely reorganize!

Ok, so there is a lot going on in this picture, so let me break it down!

1st SHELF:   The top shelf has towels (all folded in the exact same direction) on both sides, hand towels in the middle and washcloths in front on the towels on the right hand side.  I stuck my iron on the shelf for the time being.

2nd SHELF: This shelf has sheets on the left, more towels on the right and pillowcases and misc. washcloths in the middle.  I have way too many washcloths

3rd SHELF:  This shelf is filled with hair and body products.  I bought baskets from the Dollar Tree to make sure they didn't fall all over the place.  They can be pulled out for easier access to the products :-)

4th SHELF:  This shelf has a bunch of miscellaneous things.  The large basket on the right houses all my candles.  Much easier to consolidate them in one location.  The middle wooden basket has thread and buttons (I have 2 of the same basket, one is behind the first one you see).  The left side has candles in glass jars and some other canisters.

The bottom drawers house even more products!  The first drawer has all my craft supplies; ribbons, glue sticks, glue gun and more.  The second drawer has all my combs, brushes, curling irons and blow dryers.  The bottom drawer has extra toiletries and travel-sized items.  The purple-lid containers have hair accessories like hair ties, headbands, rollers and I have my wrapping paper propped up on the side. 

I think thats everything.  Look out for the Part 2 - AFTER once I reorganize it this weekend.  Thanks for reading!


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