Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cosmopolitan Closets Makeover #2: A Gentleman's Closet

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I am so excited to share another one of my closet renovations with you!  One of my good friends asked me to organize her boyfriend's closet for him as a birthday surprise.  I jumped at the chance to do it because men's closets are soooo much easier than women's closets and I can usually do what I want!  Prior to organizing the closet, I actually did not have the opportunity to go to his apartment, so I had to trust her pictures and descriptions. 

For men, I try to make sure that their closet is not "over-organized", creating a simple and easy-to-manage space.  One thing I have noticed is that the slim hangers do not work very well for men's clothing and the plastic hangers tend to take up a lot of space, so wooden hangers are usually my go-to item. 

Check out my before and after pics and let me know what you think.  Do you know a guy that needs some organizing help?  If so, send him my way!

BEFORE:  Here is a picture of my client's closet, filled with dry cleaner bags.  For NYC, the closet is a decent size, however the space was totally underutilized.

BEFORE:  Same picture as above from a different view.

AFTER:  This is my client's closet after 4 hours of organizing.  By using wooden hangers, I tried to create a "clean" look for his space, making his dressing experience easy.  I also found wooden shoe racks that hold 9 pairs of shoes each.

AFTER:  An up close photo of the tie hanger that I found at BB&B for $15!  I wanted to find something that was wooden and a hanger/organizer that did not take a lot of space.  This was the best option!  (Can be used for belts too)

AFTER:  This is the left side of his closet, designated for suits and suit separates.  By arranging them this way, I hoped to make getting dressed for work a seamless process.


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