Sunday, July 14, 2013

So many plants, so little space!

Hi Everyone! 

Let me begin by giving you some stats; 1 bedroom apartment in Harlem, approximately 825 square feet and approximately 35 plants. YES, 35 PLANTS!   Sooooooo, one could say, I have a lot of plants! 

In addition to those plants, this spring, my boyfriend and I decided to try to start a small terrace garden, with various spices, tomatoes, potatoes and tons of peppers, garlic and onions.  Now, at the time, it seemed like a good idea.  However, after we bought all the containers, I realized that they were taking over my living room and windowsills. Lucky for me, I have 3 large windows with plenty of places for small pots, however, the large containers were just in the way.  Once the weather broke (kinda) and became warm enough for the plants to go on the terrace, I happily dragged the pots out there.  The result, however, was a crowded outdoor space that was in need of some sort of organizing.  I thought that it would be easy to find a shelf or table to house my plants, but it wasn't.  I checked all the local hardware stores and found nothing within my price range, size and style preference. 

Finally, I found 2 plants stands to accommodate my spice garden and my larger containers.  The small plant stand is from Target and only cost $30!  The second stand (really a utility shelf) is from Wal-Mart and cost $30 as well.  Check out my pictures below and let me know what you think!  Do you have any plants and if so, how do you have them displayed?

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