Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The "Anywhere" Office

So if you're anything like me and live in an apartment or house where space is scarce, you may not have the room to have a traditional office. Nonetheless, you can still have one by creating the space and organizing it like a pro!  I have a little nook in my living room that I discovered was perfect for a desk and bookcase and immediately sought to find the perfect desk. Unfortunately, my dream Pottery Barn desk cost more than my monthly rent, so I opted for an Ikea original that only cost $70 and came with both a desk and bookcase.

Since I have limited space, I decided to make the most out of my "office" by addding a large mirror and fun chair, both of which I found at Marshalls. In addition to those pieces, I found that baskets can double as magazine holders and a plant or two will liven up any space. I also decided to look for a unique set of desk organizers to house my plethora of office supplies (don't ask why I have so may, I just do lol). Check out my organizers (purchased all of them from Marshalls and TJMaxx) and some others that I came across in my travels.

To finish the space, I added an easy-to-hang bulletin board that I found at Target!  I also found that if I added some hooks for my keys, I could save at least 10 minutes every morning :)



  1. You will be so proud to know that my roomate and i invested in a keyhook. saves ridiculous amounts of time when leaving the house! : )


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