Monday, January 28, 2013

Welcome to My Blog (a little about me)!

Hello and welcome to my blog, a collection of my organizing ideas that I hope will help make your life more manageable!  I have been organizing practically my whole, but really for the past 9 years, mainly closets, but I can organize anything!!  I originally worked really hard to make the bedroom in my first truly "big girl" apartment boutique-like, maximizing my small closets and coming up with creative ways to organize my plethora of accessories!  After organizing the bedroom, I went onto create a warm, organized and attractive living space in the rest of the apartment.  However, since moving to NJ with my boyfriend, I developed another set of skills, learning how to organize and really really maximize a small, shared space.  I hope that the tips and DIYs I post inspire you to make your space super organized without a lot of stress and  I hope that my before and after pictures will motivate you to organize your space and make getting dressed fun!  Thanks for reading.  Xoxo, Maya

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