Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Display Cases and Other Fun Things!

Yesterday I blogged about  how to organize your accessories and remembered that I forgot to mention some other cool ways to organize!  As of late, I have been seeing display cases all over the place, in different designs and colors!  I wasn't really sure what they could be used for, but figured the $19.99 wasn't too high of a price to pay. So I brought it home and realized that it is a great addition to my room and decided to use it to hang necklaces and earrings. Recently, I decided that I am going to paint it to match my room decor and found some great craft paint at Home Depot.

Check out the link and the pics below!  I also have a traditional jewelry box and found some other cute jewelry stands, all from Marshalls!  I will post an updated pic once the display case is painted and hung!

Martha Stewart Craft Paint


Monday, January 28, 2013

Small Closet, Big Options!

So I have a tiny closet in my bedroom, which at first glance, appeared totally useless. On my many trips to Homegoods, I came across a set of Cynthia Rowley Home organizers. I decided to buy a few pieces; three vertical hangers for scarves, flats and wallets, as well as an over the door hanger and two storage totes with attached lids (also found some earring hangers that matched perfectly).  By some weird luck, everything fit in the closet and I was able to use the dead space at the top to stack clear shoe totes to house my favorite pumps!  Check out the photos below!  Let me know what you think!


Accessories, accessories, accessories!!

If you are anything like me, you are probably totally obsessed with all kinds of accessories, from necklaces, earrings, to belts and bags. And while these are fun ways to change any outfit without spending a lot, they tend to take up a lot of space and can be hard to organize for easy access while getting dressed!
There are a few go-to accessory organizers that I live by, with money saving options and blow-your piggy bank ones too! Check out my pics to see how I have organized my plethora of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings!


Welcome to My Blog (a little about me)!

Hello and welcome to my blog, a collection of my organizing ideas that I hope will help make your life more manageable!  I have been organizing practically my whole, but really for the past 9 years, mainly closets, but I can organize anything!!  I originally worked really hard to make the bedroom in my first truly "big girl" apartment boutique-like, maximizing my small closets and coming up with creative ways to organize my plethora of accessories!  After organizing the bedroom, I went onto create a warm, organized and attractive living space in the rest of the apartment.  However, since moving to NJ with my boyfriend, I developed another set of skills, learning how to organize and really really maximize a small, shared space.  I hope that the tips and DIYs I post inspire you to make your space super organized without a lot of stress and  I hope that my before and after pictures will motivate you to organize your space and make getting dressed fun!  Thanks for reading.  Xoxo, Maya
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